One of the biggest conundrums in fashion is that many people who are into fashion with incredible stylistic tastes simply can’t afford it. Luxury goods should not be left for the rich; great style has no price tag. Fashion is a language, and we make it democratic. And as authentic quality replicas get better and better, why should fashionistas get left out of adopting objects de désir

At CRIS&COCO, we know how to fake it till we make it. Designer replicas give you the chance to elevate your look without breaking the bank. If you already bought three Louis Vuitton pieces at the flagship store in Paris, why not get the latest CRIS&COCO LV iteration like our customer Leesa? “I received the LV Dauphine last night. All I can say is, wow!” she said. “I own four real LVs, and this is simply stunning. I could not bring myself to pay $2800 for the real one. Thank you for making a quality product. I love LV, but some of their pieces are simply way too pricey.” Be like Leesa. Shop with CRIS&COCO!

Here are 11 reasons you should buy our super fake luxury accessories: 

  1. Expand your collection without hurting your wallet.
  2. Avoid resellers in the U.S. that spike prices for limited edition purchases.
  3. Pair your classic CHANEL from the flagship with a colorful replica from CRIS&COCO. It won’t compromise your look. 
  4. Enjoy the gift of giving without expecting a ROI.
  5. Customize your Kelly: spray it, paint it, tear it up. Ask the painter next door to create a unique creation with your replica. 
  6. Keep your original safe at home; wear your replica out for the night without worrying about lifters. 
  7. Imitate the rich: buy a replica. Why are they rich? Because they buy fake. 
  8. Be aspirational. Dress for success every day. 
  9. Have quality goods. Our professionals claim that our replicas are even better quality than their authentic counterparts.
  10. Pay honestly. You know that it’s a replica and that you paid a fair price. No need to worry about getting scammed ripped off or tricked into buying something inauthentic. 
  11. Never mind the snatch thieves. Globetrot with a bag in hand. A fake LV is the best travel companion. If it gets snatched in Paris, you can just laugh it off.
Never mind the snatch thieves. Globetrot with bag in hand.