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Are you looking for authentic LOUIS VUITTON replicas the very best Fake LV bags that look and feel identical?

We use advanced 3D modeling techniques to create our blueprint and prototype.

At CRIS&COCO you are at the right place to obtain high-end fake LOUIS VUITTON bags. Continue reading to learn more about our celebrated Louis Vuitton knock off handbags.

Elevate your wardrobe with the latest style of the LOUIS VUITTON collection. You want unparalleled quality and durability.

Fashion’s major contradiction is that most people who are into fashion with incredible stylistic tastes can’t afford it. Who can afford to spend a month’s rent (in New York) on a purse, belt, or sneaker from a luxury brand? Trust fund kids, trophy wives, and hedge fund managers, while celebrities and influencers are well stocked for free.

However, there is an answer for most people to acquire style on a budget: Buy the best quality this season LOUIS VUITTON replica.

Accessing an alternative market comes with significant risk. Most of the replica LOUIS VUITTON bags sold online or on street corners look fake. When you wear one of those apparent counterfeits to a meeting or an upscale party, you won’t fit in – you’ll stick out, as a wannabe who can’t afford an authentic LV. Buying the wrong LOUIS VUITTON bags replica can damage your image instead of raising it. Remember, always dress like you could afford an original Designer bag.
Our products are duplicates of a VUITTON bag sold in the company’s stores for thousands of dollars. The design and materials are perfect, the look is exact and genuine, just like our bestseller LOUIS VUITTON Neverfull replica.

Choosing the right leather is key in reverse engineering a Louis Vuitton bag.

Here’s why our knock off LOUIS VUITTON handbags are the very best you can buy. Poor-quality faux LOUIS VUITTON often uses the wrong fonts, the embossing is blurry or crooked, their materials are obviously second-rate, the thread count is not identical the stitching is sloppy.

When you start looking at high-quality replicas, however, it gets almost impossible to tell a replica from the genuine article. That’s where CRIS&COCO outworks and outshines the competition. For example, every luxury handbag line features hidden design details that are specific to the brand, and LV is no exception. The crystal-clear “LV” stamped onto the zipper pull, the correct color saturation on embossed logos, the use of the right lining material to fit the handbag’s purported year of manufacture – all of the small details have to be perfect, if a replica LOUIS VUITTON is going to pass for the real thing.
Our competitors usually mishandle or ignore those details, because they don’t do the research and sourcing that CRIS&COCO is known for.

The best tools and gifted hands guarantee top product.

Our authentic LV handbags are reverse-engineered from an LV master. We then use advanced 3D modeling techniques to create our blueprint and prototype. We use the same materials, reproduce the stitching, the exact placement of every logo, and hidden pocket so that we produce a 1:1 copy of the purse we sell in our store. The replica looks feels and wears precisely like the original.

How about the color of the leather as it ages? The number of stitches and their positioning on the handle tabs? The color and design of the inside lining? The font and placement of the hidden date codes inside the handbag? No detail escapes our suppliers, who are responsible for ensuring that every one of our best LOUIS VUITTON replica bags looks just like the handbag that inspired them. We ship our bags with a dust bag, gift box, authenticity card, and literature.

How can some outfits sell fake LOUIS VUITTON bags on street corners or shady websites for $50 or $100? It’s simple: they use substandard materials and don’t care about the quality of their product. Those poorly-made counterfeits are usually constructed from cheap, low-grade leather, or even from Polyurethane or vinyl. Corners are cut and invisible parts are replaced with substandard piece goods. Their hardware is often painted steel or plastic instead of quality metal. LV uses only top-grade leather and high-quality metals to manufacture their iconic handbags – and so do we.

We carefully source high-end ethically-sourced calf leather, other fabrics like lambskin used for interior linings, and hardware, which faithfully replicate the look and feel of VUITTON bags.

We match the thread and stitching used to hand-sew each bag. We even make sure our leather trim will gradually tan and change color over its lifespan, just like the real thing. We also focus on craftsmanship, because poor stitching and carelessly-mounted hardware immediately identify a handbag as a cheap LOUIS VUITTON imitation. Each product is carefully inspected by quality control specialists. We guarantee that you get the finest and highest-quality LOUIS VUITTON knockoff purses curated for a stylish and fresh experience. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction and are committed to transparency and accountability and strive for repeat customers.

All products are shipped worldwide with tracking providing top carriers. And our commitment to your satisfaction also guarantees that your high quality knock off LOUIS VUITTON will arrive at your door in perfect condition; we’ll replace and reship it if it is lost or damaged during any step of the shipping process. We want to earn your business when you’re buying your first LOUIS VUITTON replica or fake GUCCI product – but even more, we want to keep your business for years.

Metal Hardware with original finish

If there’s any particular model that you’re looking for, but it’s not listed in our store, please contact us to inquire.
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