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Chanel Classics never die. Now our replica designer bag online store carries the CHANEL 2.55 Classic and Reissue flap bag, the most popular and iconic CHANEL purse. It is a perfect reason to revisit the history of this classic.

The name 2.55 refers to the release of the bag in February 1955. It had a rectangular turn-lock which was called the Mademoiselle Lock. The ‘CC’ lock was introduced to the Classic Flap Bags only in the 1980s by designer Karl Lagerfeld. The all chain strap was replaced with the iconic leather interwoven chain link strap.

As an homage to Coco’s upbringing in an orphanage, the 2.55 was outfitted with a double chain, reminding of the dangled keychains of her caretakers. The brownish-red color of the inside represents the color of the children’s uniforms. (The nuns wore black with white trim. Thus, the CHANEL packaging ). A zipped compartment on the inside of the front flap was added where Coco would hide her love letters. The back outside flap of the 2.55 Reissue marks where Coco would stash her cash.

In February 2005, Karl Lagerfeld re-made the 2.55 – precisely as Coco Chanel had made in 1955, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the 2.55. It came to be known as the Reissue

Over the years there have been many variations to the original design of the 2.55. The 2.55 refers to all flap-style CHANEL bags. All our CHANEL bags are high quality identical replicas and come with CHANEL sales box, dust bag, authenticity card and payment slip.

Technically the term Reissue should only be used for the bags that were made to commemorate the original – so only those in 2005. However, it has become convenient to call all 2.55s that resemble the original 2.55 Reissues. The term classic flap commonly refers to the flap with the interlocking CC closure and the leather interwoven chain.

CHANEL 2.55 Reissue Double Flap Bag
CHANEL 2.55 Classic Double Flap Bag